Coin is designed to be a currency that can be used on a daily basis

Coin is the means of payment
adapted to our times.

Coin is the means of payment adapted to our times.

An efficient currency

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, international exchanges are commonplace. A decentralized single currency would greatly facilitate exchange and give billions of people who either cannot open a bank account or who have blocked payments the opportunity to participate in international exchanges in a simple and efficient way.

Build on Coin Network​

Create Smart Contracts, whether for DeFi NFTs or Dapps, give free rein to your desires and your creativity and build the world of tomorrow.

Designed for a global use

A capacity of 1,000,000 transactions per second allowing for daily worldwide use

Fast, Secure and

Securely make or receive a payment in just a second without tiers.

Nano Fees For Daily

Fees are designed to reward the validators
without any break for users to make payment,
no matter the amount.

Be a Validator And Get Rewards

Everybody can be a validator and can earn a certain amount
of COIN’s in function of the time and amount stacked by
running a node or delegate.

Coin Roadmap


All dateline related to the Coin development


Plan when you can accumulate Coin’s as an early adopter

Coin is a very exciting project and our goal is to bring to
the world a real advancement through a real use of a
trustless currency in our everyday lives.
We thank the early adopters who can make this
progress possible.